Great Projects. No Regrets!

Developers get rescue from pointless sales & client calls.

Spend your best hours on the right projects.

Software developers get a business development tool and service that advocates for you. Your consultancy get projects that support your tech stack, workflow, lifestyle, and values.

Develop relationships while you code.

Qualify clients, projects, and budgets before spending your marketing time on a call. Jovial find projects that meet your revenue targets, plans, and preferred technologies.

Get in with clients early.

Start conversations with prospects as trusted advisors. Understand their business and requirements ahead of time with client profiles and notes. Turn dreadful sales calls into strategic sessions with sophisticated buyers and stakeholders. Get in with clients early before they window shop.

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Save your spot

Add your email to get on the launch list. Or pre-pay and get matched with a Jovial partner at launch. Manage a profitable business by qualifying projects, clients, and budgets with Jovial.

The launch price includes refundable cancellation.

$249 Launch Price
  • You'll get:
  • Qualified prospects versus cold leads
  • Conversations started
  • Scheduled sales calls
  • Get insider tips & feedback from targeted clients
  • You'll dodge:
  • Boring projects
  • Cheap customers
  • Last-minute & short deadlines
Count me in now Nope & here's why

What's the alternative?

Keep your peace of mind and code quality in tack with a higher caliber of clients.

Your next big challenge.

Sell and communicate better to prospects and clients. Transform how you sell your expertise during your sales & development process. Make work fun, partner with clients ready to take your advice. Pick Jovial if you're eager to guide and navigate them to a successful product.


Can't find an answer? Don't hesitate to reach out!

What kind of projects?

Go beyond simple WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify MVP or bug requests. Reward your talents. Pick from a range of 3 to 9-month engagements that tackle complex business problems.

What's next?

Use feedback from our private beta group and you to build and ship Jovial v1. Keep nurturing key relationships and accounts. Repeat.

What happens after I pre-pay?

You'll share your dream project, tech stack, and preferences in your dev profile. Also, you get priority access to higher budget projects that fit your profile at launch. Use Jovial to get a better return from your phone calls, meetings, and email efforts.

Any questions? Ask away

Why does Jovial care?

Jovial is born out of Helen's desire to help developers have sustaining businesses. Unhappy seeing her developer friends return to the workforce tired and bitter. Or worst, becoming cynical about clients and life.

As a front-end developer, bootstrapped founder, and social entrepreneur, she gets it. Being burnt out by clients' expectations and wild demands is costly. Yet preventable if focus shifts to client & project fit early during sales. Develop the right relationships is essential but time-consuming.

Jovial - [ joh-vee-uhl ] adjective - (of a person) friendly and in a good mood, or (of a situation) enjoyable because of being friendly and pleasant:

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